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DC Photographer Marty Katz

Washington DC Photographer Marty Katz shoots news, corporate, portrait and DC event photography on deadline and budget, from short-notice dc magazine photography to complex crew shoots and production photography. Fast DC portrait photography of busy Washington VIP's, accompanying a VIP on a state visit or creating an archive of Washington photography for commercial, advertising, annual report, issues or d.c. public relations photography, we're please to bid, shoot and ship your Washington photographer project with no fuss. Our background is photojournalism - we've been active DC photojournalists for years and know the ways and means of Washington photography. We're credentialed and cleared, registered as contractors, know where to park and how to get clearance and permits for difficult places. We react well to chaos and change, the norm in the Washington news photographer world--so if the schedule changes, it rains, traffic's bad or Metro breaks, we know options, public affairs officers, back ways and how to cajole VIP's and their staffs into making great pictures. Our most recent cameras shoot in low light, at very high resolution and also do video. We're equipped for field editing of DC stills photography and video for immediate upload or release. And we have fun shooting Washington photographer projects!